Who's Gonna Pay the Band?


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released February 26, 2017



all rights reserved


GREENFIELD Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Who's Gonna Pay the Band?
Put the money in my hand
After they shake it
That's how it works right?
All these slick string slickers know they're liquor pimps
Coast to coast and cross the Atlantic
I know you got it, too, baby
You like to show up in the crew, baby
I got a passion I just can't quit it
Can't give into any other kind of living end
I got no other way to spin
I'm hungry while I'm washing all the dishes
I can hear 'em playing on the radio
I can hear 'em playing on the radio
Well, I gave you the music to use it
And I got the bruises to prove it
Who gonna pay the band?
Said, "Drop the lip ya loser."
I'll meet you at the end of Sultans
How many heads you get in a room?
How many butts are shaking?
Put the money in my hand
Track Name: Sweat
Said it’s running through your veins now
The only vice to dull the pain now
The myth you tell yourself so you don’t lose it
And you’re always itching to prove it
Hit the road
Ya let the wind blow
While the tunes playing off the deck
There’s some kind of magic
Like you know what you’re after
But you just haven’t found it yet
Wishing, hoping one of these days
We’d really find your prize
Looking for it only last so long
But it make you feel alive
Baby when you get that news won’t you find me
It’s been so long you might have to remind me
Sweat it out, sweat it out
No, I can't...

Orpheus and Bobby hit the avenue
Looks like he made it all right
That small town was burning a hole in his heart
So he went and took a ride
An honest wage and a cross to bear
A sense of purpose is a sense of pride
They put a spirit store next to the funeral home
And lord only knows why
Sun kissed by cherry lips
And a couple of bruises
I need my medicine
Something for sipping
And partner who’s dancing
I’ll be your mandolin
I shouldn’t have to tell you if don’t know
Baby, you got me right down to the bone
I can’t sweat it out