Sweet Wine


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All music written, performed and recorded by Paul Dally in the kitchen at home during Spring 2016. Download for free or pay what you like. Thank you for listening!


released June 10, 2016



all rights reserved


GREENFIELD Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Ripe Rot

This pretty baby, I’ll never make her mine
She only her own
Even after ya sign on the line
She wear your gold before she wear your name
All the while show ya fire that burn through the rain
Down to the crossroads where East meets West
Where the lost souls pledge themselves to happiness
You gonna make me a man?
A modern anomaly
If it don’t scare you it don’t scare me

It don’t scare you, pretty baby?
Then it don’t scare me ‘cause I love you

We had a great party and we made a great mess
We left in the morning with the treasure chest
We got a rose in a vase on the table with a ripe rot sheen
Tell me now, baby, don’t ya know what that mean?
We drove all day and we rest all night
Got to a motel, opened a bottle of wine
And we looked into each other’s eyes
I guess now we know just what it’s like…

It don’t scare you, pretty baby?
If it don’t scare you, pretty baby
Then it don’t scare me ‘cause I love you
Yes, I do, I love you
Track Name: Big Sky

Big sky, tell me where I went wrong
Big, big sky
Tell me where I went wrong
I was looking to the light, light, light
Thought I was doing everything right, right, right
Big sky, show me which way to go
Big, big sky
Direct me where I gotta go
I been lost and I been stranded
I been taking you for granted
Big sky
Big, big sky
And all those that came before us
All that you’ve seen big sky
You must have some wisdom for us
You give me peace of mind with the colors of the setting sun
It’s another day and another lesson from Big Sky
Track Name: Getalong

Sold the drums just to make it back home
Rolled up another one
Ya better called me Jawbone
Ya better hang your hat on all the times I didn’t come through
Ya better

Getalong before ya get riled up
Getalong before ya get wiser
Getalong before ya get tired, huh?
Baby, won’t you get along

Kiddo, now don’t ya do like I done
I was making good money but I wasn’t having no fun
One day you’re here and the next day you’re gone
Ya better

Getalong before they get riled up
Getalong before they get wiser
Getalong before they get tired, huh?
Baby, won’t you get along…
Track Name: Sweet Wine

ATM, Lotto and snacks
I need something from the gas station man
We’re all living in cars now
And we ain’t going nowhere
I could love you for three lifetimes
I could love you ‘til I’m hungry
I could love you ‘til I get old and never worry
‘Bout what I missed out on
I already wrote those songs
I already lived those tales
And I got nothing to sell
And I got nothing but every little lie I dreamed up
And You
I got you, babe, and you’re wonderful
I got you, baby
We got our love and it’s wonderful
There’s part of me praying that you can’t tell
On the nights when I don’t feel real well
Part of me prayin’ it don’t come up
I don’t want you to worry about nothing, babe
I wanna give you all my heart
Without the wait
Baby, without the weight
Sweet Wine
Track Name: Ain't the Same

Ain’t the same when you’re away, baby…

I went to the grocery store
I got some seltzer and ice
After I killed that bottle of wine
I cracked open that house warming gift
I set up the tape player down on the floor
No table and chairs just on the floor
And I got out that old guitar
The ice melted in the jar
‘Cause you know…

It ain’t the same when you’re away, baby
I’m not the same when you’re away…

Went to take the train to the city
But I didn’t have no MetroCard
I walked around
Didn’t have no money for no car
I got blisters from my Christmas shoes
Good shoes always beat you up for the first run
And I went to the restaurant that we went to together
And I, I was thinking…

Ain’t the same when you’re away…
Track Name: County Line

Guess you’d say she was wild when she was young
She did what she wanted before it was cool
Age started to scare her
You know time only teaches you everything
There are three lessons no one can escape

Then when she had her pretty baby
So much love, almost scary
Don’t know what to do
She said, “I think this little one really changed me.”
“I ain’t the same me now I got my baby.”

Ride past the county line, babe, you know you’ll be runnin’ wild
Well, she a born again now so she don’t see ‘em at all
If you speed past the county line just like you did when you were runnin’ wild
It’ll only remind you of those times and they scare you

She said, “Oh so much love now that I got my baby!”
“And that love it scares me, makes me crazy, sometimes…”
She said she loves her more than she ever could love anything
More that she ever even loves herself
Track Name: Make It Look Easy

Shadows dancing on the ceiling like ghosts
So sly, so composed
Where I don’t stay
That’s where I go
If you don’t know you need to know
I’ll go alone…

Don’t make it look too easy when you leave me
‘Cause babe, I really wanted to love you
Don’t make it look too easy when you leave me
‘Cause babe, y’know, I really loved you
I loved you…

In the old town, down the old road
In the front room
Or on the patio
You sang a bitter song
With a sweet melody
All that I couldn’t know
It didn’t change a thing
I still felt the feeling
It didn’t change the feeling

Don’t make it look too easy when you leave me
‘Cause babe, I really wanted to love you
Don’t make it look too easy when you leave me
Y’know, I really only loved you
I loved you…
I love you
Track Name: Vashon Air

Tell me everything’s alright…

Don’t make it back as often as I wish I did
Sometimes I blame it on the work
No money for it
Sometimes I wish I could
Just come back for good
But I can’t now, no I can’t right now…

‘Cause I got my baby in my arms and we gonna be alright
We got a lot to do before we leave this behind
You only got this life and I ain’t gonna regret it
No no, I don’t want to regret

I remember the sun setting over the sound
I told you twice before I’ll tell you again right now
It ain’t the same as it was when I was young
But I still got little reminders of that time
What can I say? What can I do?
It’s got an affect on me that feels good.
It’s got something
I can’t deny it
Something in the air at night
That I can’t leave behind
You know you only get one life
And I don’t want to regret it…
And I don’t know…
Tell me everything’s alright
Call you up sometime
Call me up, call me up sometime?
Everything’s alright, right?
Track Name: Spirit
(No Words)
Track Name: Rhinoceros

Sitting in the cafe
Talk about
You see that?
Rhinoceros come around the bend
Was Eugene Ionesco absurd?
Is this theater?
Rhinoceros come around the bend
And I hope you didn’t earn that rough skin
And I hope you get the horn off your forehead
Rhinoceros, rhinoceros
Ego maniac, demagogue
Make it great again?
What kind of greatness do you intend?
When was it so great?
Matter fact, when do we mend?
This country got blood all on its hands
Rhinoceros come around the bend
I can hear the rumble, stampede is coming

Now does it sound familiar?
Haven’t we heard this before?
And don’t it sound scary to ya?
The fear trumping love once more…

Rhinoceros come around the bend…
Track Name: Something

You got something, baby
Just don’t quit
Something I never get enough of it
Well, you got something, baby
Drive so fast it never dies but it always crash
So go ahead and put salt on the lime
When they talking ‘bout some other time
I ain’t been there so I don’t mind
I don’t mind, y’know babe we gonna…
You know babe we gonna make it through
We gonna do what we gotta do
Through the hard times
And the good times, too

You got something like the rush of a wave
Spin me baby right into my grave
Love can say goodbye but not for long
You got something baby I know right from wrong
I can tell you know your spell on me

Weathered heart, weathered mind
Years on the bone in these times
I know a couple things I ought to
Baby, don’t make me blue
Even though you know you’re going to
And I’ll going to do the same to you
Babe, we gonna make it through
We gonna do what we gotta do
Through the hard times
And the good times, too
Yeah! baby, we gonna make it through
We gonna do what we gotta do
Through the hard times
And the good times, too

I can tell ya the truth, babe
I can take that risk
Some people don’t wanna
I need it
It’s worth it to love ya, baby
Ya know I love ya, baby
It’s worth it to be real, baby
It’s worth it baby
Take the risk baby
Don’t hold it in darling
Don’t hold it in never
Put all out, put it all out…