Fountain of Youth


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All songs written, performed and recorded by Paul Dally during June 2016 in New York using an electric guitar, loop pedal, microkorg, cell phone, mic and a four-track.


released June 24, 2016



all rights reserved


GREENFIELD Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Find You
Was it your heart or your mind that wrote lies on that pacifier sign?
Where the time goes we don’t know
When we find out we gonna be just fine
Wading in the waters of youth watching ‘em wash you away
Someone oughta take a picture of this
Someone gonnahafta put you on display
We were lost in the stars
Reflected in the sea
On a piece of driftwood floating on Atlantic Bay
Said, “One of these days we gotta get away.”
Now you were laughing, crying and wondering
Why I woulda said such a thing at a time like this
Well, Baby, I was thinking the same thing right now
I wanna go to someplace you never been to before
And pretend I got it all figured out
Well, I got some new clothes and a haircut somewhere in the city
I fixed the heel on my boot, got free polish, now I look so pretty
“Oh, this fine girl?”
Been a couple of years, fell in love, and now we roll around
It’s amazing what a hot meal and couple of beers will do for us now
She said, “Don’t put a movie on, don’t play the record one more time.”
“It’s too cold here, I gotta move, go to a place with only sunshine.”
“Where they got sunshine on the beaches. Sunshine on the highway 01.”
“The greens like you grew up to…”
Now tell me have all those songs already been sung?
Would ya find ya, find ya, find ya, would I find ya there?
Track Name: Bottle of Red Wine
Just the way she likes it
It’s just the way she made it so
Some movie playing with the sound off
Boil water up on the stove
Put her telephone down with a wine glass full
Half waiting for him to call
She tell herself the nights when he don’t
She didn’t care that much at all
She let those records play now
And she’s dancing in the tv light
And no one else can see her
In the moment it feels just right
So baby put your favorite Bobby record on
And flip it over twice
Say that “Jokerman’s” on you
I don’t wanna say it’s alright
It ain’t alright
And turning to the man, the man, the man…
The man, Van…
He puts her on the rolling
Rocking and swaying and rolling
Bottle of red wine
Bottle of red wine…

And when the telephone ring
Pretend like she don’t hear nothing
But the man he playing on
Play on, play on, play on
Play it all through the night
Play it all through the night
Playing it on through the night

I can’t forget those days
Like I can’t forget those songs
I can’t forget those days
Those days have come and gone
Said sometimes, “You’re living in the past.”
But baby I’ve grown used to it
It still feels fresh and new
Just like they do
Window sill, waiting until…
Looking out, looking out into a new
A new day
‘Cause these new days they don’t feel that way
No, these new days
They don’t feel the same

And the telephone ring
And she act like she can’t hear nothing

She let the records play on, play on
Play it all through the night
Through the night
Play it on
Alone with a bottle of red wine...
Falling asleep
Gonna ruin another needle
Alone with a bottle of red wine
Track Name: Too Many Times
Penny for your thoughts
Penny for the mirage
It’s a bootlegger's dream
But I ain’t got no car
I got bad credit and a forehead scar
Tell me where did all that time go?
I was chasing you down like a gas price queen
They’re selling cigarettes for fifty dollars
Willie, Take 3
And burn a fire in June
Red, red sky
On a movie screen
But I’m only bleeding only for the pages
I been running
Like I’ve always been
Like I’ve always been…
Too many times I thought I knew
Only to be dismayed, only to disengage
Only to disengage
Too many times I thought I knew
Too many times...

Bliss is a thing
You don’t that you’ve found
‘Til you learn that the crown
Wasn’t worth chasing
If I can’t be your King
Baby, I’ll give you everything
But if I can’t then I’m giving up the whole lot
You know, there are only two options for me
You know, there are only two options for me
I could take a distant, provincial getaway
With an orchard and a library
And I’ll fill my head with nonsense
Until the cradle finally meets the grave
Only to be dismayed
Too many times…
I’m only bleeding for the page
I’m only to be dismayed
Too many times
Only, only
To disengage
Too many times
Oh, I thought I knew
Yes, I thought I knew
I never thought that I was God
But I really thought I knew
Too many times…
I thought I knew