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released April 9, 2014



all rights reserved


GREENFIELD Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Boys of War
None of these gits they never did nothing for ya
None of ‘em told you, baby, none of ‘em warned ya
Decked in black lace while she reminiscing stories
And all his jewelry—memento mori

Boys of war
I’m tellin’ my baby soon as I get home
Boys of war
I’m kissin’ my baby soon as I get home

Looking for a future in this part of town
These broken promises ain’t gonna keep me around
They say blood it runs thicker than water
It’s a rotten deal but it’s the best one they offer to us

Boys of war
I’m kissin’ my baby soon as I get home
Boys of war
You know my brothers the only ones who really know
The only ones who really know
Track Name: Daredevil
There’s nothing left to lose in this city
No longer jaded and spent your last penny
Those shiny tenants they won’t pay your way
When you’re all outta luck and you got nowhere to stay
If the wheels run fine
You know better, boy
Stop wasting all your precious time

I’ll tell ya what
I’m be there soon
Get the bars tuned up
Ready to roll
No fantasy
I’ll break ya free
Keep ya up all night
I got those pretty lies…

Just like the rest of ya girls, y’know she like nice things
Won’t win her hand with no “it’s a boy” rings
You catch me laughin’ while I’m goin’ broke
But I’ll love you forever let ‘em in on the joke
And the money’s in my hand
You see me turnin’
You catch me runnin’ fast as I can
Track Name: Flyin' in the Futura
It’s so easy daydreaming ‘bout
That Falcon Futura driving ‘round
The winding Westside Highway
As I look to the Olympians and cruise while you play
Yeah, you had us listenin’ to that good feelin’ guitar music
Like I’m climbing up to heaven with the sandman singin’

I bought a little piece of land somewhere
And I’m gonna build a house
Consider it yours—make yourself at home
Anytime you’re in town
She said that life’s too short, baby
Although I can see the cracks in the illusion
It’s such a sweet chase and at the end of the day
We take the Futura out cruisin’

Ya know I remember, it seems like way back when
Posted up on the hood of my car in the parking lot at the motor inn
He was gunna pick you up and tell you all the things you wished were true
And you’d look him in his eyes and believe all his lies like you always wanted to

No, you can’t have it all only what you’re willing to take on the long ride back home
Take the long way back home
No, you can’t have it all flying in the Futura
Track Name: Neon Flamingo
See you at the house
Tonight I hate to be so late
I do it for the dollar
Right now it feels like it’s the only way
Gitanas in bandanas
This girl right here—she’s got a sugar daddy-o
And there’s a strung out ol’ town roller
He’ll tell ya stories
They’re all ten years old

Last week it was three $10’s
This week two Benny’s and a half
You know sometimes they’re cryin’
Most the time they just laugh

Lost city put the light in your eyes
Same story on a different night
Pour one for me while you’re at it, Joe
I got a lot on my mind and a long way home

Where ya goin’ out tonight?
How ya getting home?

Most the time they are laughin’ say riffin’ in the nightlife
Sometimes they’re cryin’ make me feel all right
Most time they’re laughin’ say driftin’ in the nightlife
Sometimes they’re cryin’ make everything feel all right
Track Name: B.A.
When you got off the boat
Green around the ears
They took you for a run
Only gave you one lesson
Walk away from it
But you took it in stride
Told everybody everything was all right
Say you’re gunna stick around for a while
Ya gotta live near the fire

B.A. whatcha got for me now B.A. whatcha got

There’s so much hope out on the streets
Bunking up next to disparity
And then ya got a bad attitude about it babe
Just like the rest of ‘em do now don’t doubt it
And there’s a lot of twisted strangers
A lot of mirages, a lot of sudden changes
And you’re never gonna get that time back
No, you’re never, never, ever...